Blood Command : The End Is Her

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Blood CommandThe End Is Her

Blood Command - The End Is Her

Pubblicato il 13/09/2021 da lorenzobecciani

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Queste le parole di Yngve Andersen: “The End is Her is for the losers, for the wallflowers and for the people who never quite fit in. It’s a song about feeling so invisible that no matter how loud you scream, no one will hear you. For anyone who burns so brightly but nobody else sees even a flicker of the flame. I wrote the lyrics at time when I was feeling weak and alone but used this darkness as ammo to become stronger. You never know what is going on in someone’s mind or what they are capable of, so I want this song to remind people to never underestimate the outcasts. That we have the ability to use the doubt of others to ignite something inside of us – to strike a match and light the world on fire. It felt right to release this track next, as this was the first song I showed Nikki when I first asked her to join the band. I knew she could scream, but I’d never heard her actually sing, so I gave her this song to record and send back to me, just to make sure she was the right fit. I was actually playing a show when she sent the demo back and let’s just say, I partied really hard that night. It was a dream come true. We’ve shown the heavier side of the new era of BLOOD COMMAND with A Villain’s Monologue. Now it’s time to shake it up with The End is Her – quintessential death pop, this is the anthem for anyone who has ever thought it won’t get better but has found solace in realising they aren’t the only one who is suffering.”

Blood Command
Blood Command
From: Norvegia


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