Verbian : Irrupcao

La post-rock band portoghese Verbian ha pubblicato il nuovo album  "Irrupcao", dis ... La post-rock band portoghese Verbian ha pubblicato il nuovo album  "Irrupcao", disponibile ORA in version ... thumbnail 1 summary


Verbian - Irrupcao

Pubblicato il 13/09/2021 da lorenzobecciani

La post-rock band portoghese Verbian ha pubblicato il nuovo album  "Irrupcao", disponibile ORA in versione fisica e digitale via Antigony Records.

A proposito del disco la band spiega:

"Irrupcao' is our second album and we see it as a consolidation of all our experimentation since the beginning of the band. As a band and also as individuals we try to be always in constant evolution and this album is the consequence of the hard work we invested, not only in our music, but in our own lives. 'Irrupção' is a portuguese word that stands for eruption, but unlike 'Irrupcao', we see this word with a slightly different meaning. It's an internal eruption. Imagine if a volcano would erupt within itself. This is how we see this album, like an internal explosion that has nowhere else to boil over, like a black hole, like everything we do not understand but that has its meaning and consequence somewhere else, in another plane. It was a very intense process in which we gladly consumed ourselves, like we always do while making art. In the end, it becomes a catharsis and we could not be much proud with the outcome. We want the listener to face this album as a journey through their own unknown corners, with the objective of helping them, in the end, becoming purified, like we purposely did to ourselves during this process. We have incorporated different tones and textures to this album, in comparison with the previous one 'Jaez', like synths and samples throughout, with a more electronic component to it, without losing its human 'rawness' and organic component. In fact, to add to that raw component, we also added some vocals in some tracks like 'Nem A Luz Escapa' and 'A Cada Inverno' and tried to use them as instruments, as additional layers, but also with the purpose of adding some meaning and emotion to the track itself. We tried not to force things and to see all tracks as part of a whole. The rest is up to you to imagine whatever you want from it, don't let us influence you. Enjoy your trip. The album is just one component of the whole experience we try to convey with Verbian. To truly understand and assimilate the entire message it is necessary to also see our videos and, specially, watch us play live. We promise you some big surprises in our live shows. Only then, you can really say you understand our band or our music. Nonetheless, everyone is invited and whether you are white, black, orange, gay, retro, square or round, the door is open for all you. You are us and we are you. Forever".!PR