King Witch : Ritorno alla polvere

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King WitchRitorno alla polvere

King Witch - Ritorno alla polvere

Pubblicato il 10/10/2020 da lorenzobecciani

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Così afferma Laura Donnelly:

"I created the video during lockdown in our local forest and at home. I hope it conveys a sense of fragility whilst engulfed in heavy riffage. I think the colour and mood suits the song very well - helping to give a supernatural vibe. My neighbours however will totally think I'm a complete weirdo after hearing me almost drown in my bath several times and being caught in the woods digging a hole and burying myself Laura Donnelly comments  "When Jamie first let me listen to the original ideas for “Return to Dust” I was immediately dropped into a Clint Eastwood/Ennio Morricone Spaghetti Western. The song however quickly changes to become something a lot darker. I had not long read the graphic novel Preacher and really liked the idea of mixing the supernatural with dusty desert tales. “Return to Dust” is basically about someone dying and crossing over to the other side. They are confused and frightened but the reality of the situation soon becomes clear, there is nothing to mourn. They know what they must do - return to dust."

King Witch
King Witch
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